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The Foundation promotes the increase of cultural and artistic activities in environmental sustainability, as well as the dissemination of cultural welfare initiatives, through educational paths and training inspired by the use of innovative teaching methodologies that enhance active and cooperative learning. The projects and activities promoted and participated in by the Foundation value the identity and centrality of the territory, understood as a place where historical and social factors sediment, always aiming for international dialogue, comparison, and coordination to strengthen and systematize self-produced and cooperative offerings. It supports opportunities for the promotion of cultural heritage and broad communication through synergy between various public and private entities and sectors.

Among the range of cultural projects promoted so far, initiatives aimed at training young cultural operators stand out, welcoming training internships and continually increasing the involvement of new users, including adults and the senior population. The Foundation is also a laboratory of social communication that cares about the audience, through its inclusive cultural policy and the progressive involvement of research institutions, associations, cultural enterprises, and citizens.

The Foundation has initiated a new body of knowledge, appropriately utilized for educational and dissemination activities in a methodologically mixed key, from research on family history to the implementation of an updated and unique Library of the Sea.

Among the projects, there is also editorial and publishing activity, as well as the permanent programming of exhibits, virtualizations, educational and training prototypes, also through the lenses of immersiveness and digital enjoyment. This involves schools, research institutes, museums, relevant cultural institutions, universities, and higher education institutions, as well as industries and companies, implementing an integrated vision of sociality and a cultural topography rich in different vocations.

The Foundation has always been committed to restoring prominence to the cultural needs and aspirations of local, national, and international development. It plays an active and participatory role in promoting the broadest and most active involvement of individuals and the community in the formulation and implementation of ideas in the form of interventions, actions, and projects.

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