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Digital Imersive Art

The first immersive space in Southern Italy and Sicily.

Immersiveness allows us to double, broaden our perception of space, opening it to new modes of perception, vision, and interaction with the world. The Pietro Barbaro Foundation is a promoter of a true cultural revolution in the landscape of Southern Italy and Sicily, having chosen to technologically adapt the exhibition hall of Palazzo Trinacria as the first, innovative, authentic, and permanent immersive space for the local reference framework. A space open not only to self-produced initiatives but also to collaborations with the regional, national, and international artistic community.

A future-oriented cultural hub in Palermo, Sicily.

This choice has been driven by the experience and ambitions of the Foundation and the desire to ferry Sicily and Palermo towards new and innovative approaches to artistic appreciation, promoting the union between traditional phenomenology of perception and the innovative potentials offered by immersive technology.

Immersive content, a technical magic that guides the viewer towards wonderful and fully spectacular moments.

A future-oriented cultural hub in Palermo, Sicily.

The state-of-the-art hardware support of the hall has been conceived as a choreography of flexible and moving mechanical parts that, each time, are capable of offering a wide range of immersive content. It's a technical enchantment that guides the viewer towards wonderful and fantastic moments of full spectacle, but also towards acquiring new sensitivities and perceptions of the external world, within the framework of total and fully sensory and emotional works.

The hardware thus becomes a true sense device, functional to the development of the potentialities of the user and their perceptual spectrum.

Trinacria Immersive Art Space

Historic residence in a contemporary space

Palazzo Trinacria transcends today and entirely the classical paradigm of a museum institution, having fully embraced all the potentials of the new digitization of the arts.

A historic residence that has chosen to transform itself into a contemporary space for permanent participatory enjoyment, orienting itself towards the full and unique promotion of technologically impactful exhibition paths. This transformation aims to explore the full complexity of the new arts from a genuinely multisensory perspective.

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