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“Football no limits”

Football no limits, copertina

A passion without boundaries of time and space

There are few things that unite people worldwide more than the game of football. More than just kicking a ball, the game of football is pure passion beyond rational thought, capable of influencing the mood of a nation and even the fortunes of a government. Since the 1930s, Magnum photographers have immortalized the world of football, documenting teams, fans, and the game itself. The exhibition aims to illustrate, through these skilful shots, how deep and widespread the roots of this game are and how football culture transcends every boundary of nationality, race, and religion. The sequence of images on display combines the beauty of the game itself with the aesthetic quality typical of great Magnum photographers, providing a celebration of the “world game” and, at the same time, a real and sometimes raw portrait of societies over a span of more than half a century.



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