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Emanuele Caprioli

Born in 1993. Lives and works in Milan. During academic studies at Brera (Milan) and the Royal Danish Academy (Copenhagen), he developed a fascination for luminous projection: from the optical tools of proto-cinema to contemporary holography. His artistic research integrates the scientific discipline of vision: optics, through which he explores various possibilities for manipulating light and the poetic and aesthetic potential of luminous projection.

He recreates, manipulates, and hybridizes optical tools and projection techniques through painting, creating new “objects for vision.” He has participated in collective exhibitions and residencies, including Charlottenborg Palace (Copenhagen), Arrivada Gallery (Milan), VIR Viafarini-in-residence (Milan), and the Botanical Garden of Palermo. He was the third prize winner at the Artefici del nostro tempo award and a finalist for the MilanoVetro-35 award.

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